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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I store My Cake?

Its best to refrigerate your cake until one hour prior to serving it. This keeps your cake looking its best and insures freshness.

2. Are all decorations Edible?

     Some decorations are made from sugar, but may need to be removed before serving your cake.

      Sugar Flowers or Figuries are examples of this.

3. How do I transport my cake?

       Keeping you cake flat is a must!  DO NOT put cupcakes or tiered cakes on the seat.

       Cupcakes and tiered cakes will tip over if placed on the seat. Its best to put them on the       

       front passenger floor or in the back of a flat suv. If you have a 3D cake that will need to be

       held during transport. Its also best to pick up on time, so your cake is cool for transport.

4. Payment

      3D cakes will require half down. All major credit cards are accepted.

      The address is listed on the bottom of this website.

5. What if something happens to my cake?

    All cakes are made 24 hours in advance. If something happens on the way home please

      do not try to fix it yourself. A phone call is prefered. We will help the best we can. Remember

      give yourself enough time for transport and drive slowly.  Refunds are not issued after your

      cake has left.